Rachel’s Planning ramble no 1

This is just a short post to log the first ever planning ramble led by Rachel Hatton. Rachel had made an impassioned plea at the last Account Planning Group Noisy Thinking session for planners to leave their desks and walk in the open air to organise their thoughts.  This is a frankly appalling piece of filming (mea culpa) of Rachel’s introduction. Using a pair of lofi video glasses. I realised subsequently that I was so busy filming I hadn’t taken in half the things she said. It was a very noisy location.  Before we set off from the corner of Libertys down Carnaby Street and then across Soho passing sites like the famous water pump which John Snow got sealed and in so doing discovered how cholera was being carried. And on round buildings where characters such as Hazlitt and Dr Johnson lived or went to drink and argue.  15 planners came on the trip. It was a blend of sightseeing, chatter between the walkers and generally unwinding on a Friday lunchtime.  Rachel finished the walk in the photographers gallery on Ramillies Street where we were able to warm up over a cup of tea.  The plan is to make a map of the route so others can follow it and for Rachel to set up other walking routes as well.  These rambles sit between a number of areas – there is a bit of psychogeography involved – but not too heavy. There is a good dose of sightseeing.  But the interaction is a major plus – planners are after all interesting and articulate people well worth rambling with.

As a postscript I wrote a Psychogeography circuit training for using pyschogeography as part of a research project. Here’s the file if you’re curious. It was used on an AQR course last May to get researchers thinking more creatively about entering customer worlds.



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