Lemmy or Mariachi? Vote and decide.


We’re having a bit of a debate at Spring at the mo-ment where no less than 5 of us are participating in Movember – which is turning into a lot of facial hair. Here’s a photo of me. The question is this. Do I look more like Lemmy of Motorhead or a Mexican from a mariachi band? I’m giving you the chance to vote. If you think I look more like ‘Lemmy could you donate an even number of pounds of whatever amount. And if I look like the Mexican could you donate an odd number of pounds. Feedback always welcome. Here’s where to donate and cast your vote. And here’s where you can find out more about the team. There’s not a lot left of November so time to get those votes in! I will add a photo of myself over the weekend in case you need any reminding..



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