Being present at work – Spirituality in the workplace

Prayer works has started for the 3rd time. Run by Beverley Shepherd this is a valiant initiative to enable people to integrate their faith and their work. I once got into a noisy debate on this very topic. My argument went something like this – faith is too central to be left detached from the workplace. Religious faith which is confined to leisure periods isn’t really religious faith at all. My friend who is a lapsed Catholic was appalled. Religion is so divisive and dogmatic it can only spoil the work environment – it should be kept firmly away. Our Hindu companion was more philosophical – God is everywhere he said. You can’t keep him away from work. God is in everything.

Prayer works is unashamedly from a Christian standpoint – and supported by the LICC the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity which is just celebrating its 30th birthday. The reason for the institute’s existence is just this same point which is that if there is a God then there is nothing that does not relate to him. So people of faith will want to join up the dots.  I can only suggest that you try it and subscribe to a daily email. It won’t cost you though they are grateful for donations. Every day you will receive a short extract from the Bible for you to meditate on which has specifically been chosen to relate to your day in the workplace. On the themes of being present. To God. To others and to yourself. The website is also worth a look. It has more thought pieces and you are encouraged to feedback your experiences.

I think it’s a great idea.  99% of material produced by religious organisations behave as if the world of work never existed – religion which is self-referential is in danger of becoming a hobby for enthusiasts. Prayerworks  is a way of integrating faith with the whole of life. Even for activists like me who struggle with prayer. And I for one, am giving it a go.



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