Why not and yes but – Twitter and the Olympic Spirit

Just reminding you to keep your twitter feed to hand in the next couple of hours.  A highlight of the Olympic opening ceremony for me was the diversity of opinion which I experienced via twitter. Not an official part of the Olympics but central to the Olympic ideal. While I was sitting im bed champagne in hand watching each part of the spectacular wholly unexpected – there were lots of cheers in favour. But there was also voices saying it cost too much. Or that it represented a view of Britain they disagreed with. There were even reports of police kettling a demonstration of cyclists during the event only a couple of miles away.  But what makes this country great is permission to dissent without fear of persecution, torture or worse. And twitter allows you to experience all of this – to see messages which you may or may not agree with but which you can answer retweet or ignore. Twitter on this evening! You can follow me on @johngriffiths7



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