What’s after dubstep? And why its ok to play Skrillex to your granny

I rather enjoyed this piece which shows how dubstep has gone mainstream and featured in lots of advertising campaigns. But its classic ad agency thinking: – Everyone is using dubstep so it must be time to stop. Nonsense – advertising doesn’t have to be about soundtracks that no one has heard before. To me the lesson is how fast marginal influences move into the mainstream. Here’s a film clip where Skrillex (whose music by the way is one of the clips you will have heard) arranges for his music to be played to baby boomers who predictably hate it. But what is funny is how hard many of them try to like it to keep hip and down with the kids.  The mainstream is now very broad and we are mostly tolerant of those styles which aren’t quite us. Its a brilliant campaign as you can now search on youtube for Skrillex and find plenty of clips of teenagers playing Skrillex to their parents and elderly relatives and film their reactions.  Lots to enjoy! And a great viral idea for promoting his music



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