Bots on twitter – and the demise of the human

I have used weavrs for a couple of years now – twitter bots that collect content from particular locations. Jolly useful it is too. But other twitter users are inclined to think my bots are real and start to follow them and talk to them. Though they are essentially agents who collect relevant content for me. This piece in Fast Company is a reminder that it isn’t difficult to get loads of followers on twitter. If they are robots and you buy them in job lots of 1000 a time. Humans and technology are in constant competition. There are more machines than humans on this planet and the ratio is set to increase in favour of robots. So don’t assume what you are following or liking is human. Odds are it isn’t.  Here’s the link. The sinister part is that often they are pretending to be human and ‘borrowing’ the identities of real people to do so.



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