Badder Badoo

Apologies to any one who got a glowing recommendation of the social network Badoo from me today. It was a scam. A nasty one.   If you got the invitation it would have said that I invited you. I didn’t. The only reason I was on Badoo was I was told I had been sent a message by a John Griffiths – curiously I hadn’t – apparently I was messaging myself. The email address used I had created specifically for a piece of market research I set up in December of 2010. I only used the email for the study. So however Badoo got hold of it and made me a member – that email address was stolen.   Once I had logged on Badoo seems to have sent messages to everyone on my Outlook list – I am very sorry if you were one of them. I had no idea.

You can follow the logic. If a stolen email sends you a message. You can infer that when you get messages from Badoo saying you have messages from people it ain’t necessarily so. It is probably a message from a stolen email address. Join and your own email list will be harvested. Unpleasant but a very effective way of spreading a network fast because Badoo don’t need people to participate they just need addresses to spam to get access to more address lists.

Having got into Badoo the mechanic is gruesome and effective – they tell you you’ve been sent a photo but you have to upload a photo to see it. If you want to get more information you have to upload more information. And the preset messages all lead to online dating one way or another. So you’ve been warned. Stay away. At least I have the distinction of having a dodgy relationship with myself! My account is cancelled. I have set up accounts on lots of different social networks – they all work differently. But they mostly behave ethically. Badoo emphatically does not. Stay away. Feel free to forward this link to others – I owe it spread this to even more people than Badoo helped themselves to.



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