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If you came here straight away then welcome. You may have come from my legacy Further and Faster Blog site at In which case I would request that you bookmark the url for this site which is I have moved the blog cross from Typepad where it has been since April 2006 when I started it.  To a wordpress format. One reason is that it is cheaper to do so. I will have less problems with spam – Typepad was afflicted by spambots whose postings I had to keep cleaning up.

But the main reason is to more tightly integrate my different webchannels. And start to get them working together. Which is why I want to work in wordpress for the blog and also for the website which I haven’t been able to edit myself for a number of years. And I want to.

Let me explain where my online presence has evolved to.  When I first started to post content on the internet in August of 2000 I had two channels: email and a website. The email I was able to mail out to large lists stored on the website by virtue of copying the web addresses into the URL. These days we would call that spam but in those happy days it did me a power of good because the recipients saweveryone elses emails in the header and concluded (wrongly) that I knew all of the communications planning directdors I mailed and was well connected. There was no regulary email letter for planners at that time. The Account Planning Group was posting news of courses out to people.

And in the years between 2000 and 2006 the website produced a series of innovations which aren’t news now but certainly were then. The CV database – you could search a database to find out what clients and markets I had worked on. The bookshop which boasted the biggest range of planning and marketing titles (all of them reviewed) and which could be bought on Amazon. The sales list was the only indication of what planners were reading.  The proceeds from the commission on sales were used to fund planning meet ups in London (and once in Bucharest). Book sales were so lucrative we never managed to drink the tab.

Then I started to use my mp3 recorder bought to record focus groups to interview authors of books about research, marketing and planning. These were podcasts in 2002 when the word hadn’t even been coined yet. There was no broadband so I typed the questions onto the webpage and sliced up the audio into 60 second chunks. You can find these interviews in the In their own words section on the website.

the database of agencies and planning direcdtors was never up to date but it was the first and only free directory at a time when every other directory charged money. And it drove 50% of the traffic to the site and ensure that I never needed to worry about search engine optimisation. My site was so well linked it always sat high in the top 10 if you looked for account planning. Even when it wasn’t updated.

And of course there were the articles about planning. The ones that I got published turned up in a downloads area. Some of these were being downloaded more than 200 times a month. And there were the web pages where I gradually built up planning content.

This summarises the website up until about 2006.  When I started blogging. I choose to blog about a whole range of subjects because I think it is imp,ortant for planners to be creative curious and interested in just about everything. And I stopped adding content to the site – I didn’t have the time.

I have been involved in rejigging the platforms because what happened in the interim was the social media revolution where who you were connected with and what they looked at and linked to became more important than what you posted. And I went on Facebook (Mark Earls got me into that in 2007) and into Twitter (Mark Earls got me into that in 2009) But these platforms have been working largely independently. What I am doing at the moment is stitching them all together. thought you would be interesed in the 2012 map.

Starting at the bottom we have the base layer. Which is the Further and Faster blog the Planning Above and Beyond website which I shall be revising over the summer and adding to in the future. And Linked in the defacto network for business connections. That is where new content will be placed and referenced.

On the right hand side there are related sites. I am creative director at Spring Research so there is the Spring website which I link to. And Electric Learning the training company which I run with Joanna Chrzanowska.  My open source projects Cloud of Knowing (research and web analytics) and Waggledancers (how to start social movements) were put on webjams – open communities. Which you can still find and contribute to.

The central column holds the containers. The trouble with having lots of documents and multimedia content is that the more of it that people look at the more it costs you as the website owner. So instead I place it where there is other similar content and it means I am not paying for lots of memory space and for lots of visitors. So there is a youtube channel where the video content will be linked and put on the blog and website.Slide share for presentations, Soundcloud for audio files. And Flickr for photos.  I hope it shows how interconnected the web is now.It doesn’t make sense to put everything on one site. And the more connections and cross usage there is the higher each rises in the rankings making it easier to find.

the left hand channel is for my media channels. Not used so much to originate content as to link forward and promote. Soo Facebook Twitter and Google plus become the channels which reach lots of people and make it easier for people to find my content because every new posting will be put there. As it will be on Linked in.

In the far left hand column is my miscellaneous collection. Where I can play with emerging media platforms. I have used Ning in the past. I will link to Weavrs the bots I set up which collect content for me and function as alter egos particultarly when travelling to new places. They tweet what they find. You can follow the whiterabbitMR bot I left in downtown Sydney and proffgriff1 I placed in Berkeley in California to find me interesting content for when I was visiting and working there. The bots are still working months later.  There’s even one in New Zealand representing what I did working on a sheep farm before university.  John the pom The bot had been put in Southland to collect content relevant to that time. I am running experiments with Pinterest and will shortly with Tumblr. And I am going to start a new research blog called Brand Safari.

There’s one other designation. And that is the platforms which are accessible via mobile. Or via mobile/pad enabled apps.  Because that increases the frequency and number of people accessing these sites.

This looks very complicated. Overwhelming too. But it isn’t because it is all interconnected.  When this is done badly there is duplication and waste and you can’t find anything. When it is done well it means that there is structure and logic.

So this is by way of update about what I am doing with my various sites and how I am integrating them. the blog will still be diverse and eclectic, linked in will still be business oriented. Facebook will still be social and light. But you will be able to use any of the platforms to find your way through to the others and news will be posted across all of them.



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