More on identity – turning research into music

I couldn't resist posting a link to this video. I struggle with the notion of brands showing up on social media all ready to be 'friended' but there are brands often very niche who are so transformative that you want to talk about them. Native Instruments and their product Maschine is one of these. I regard myself as a very lowly member of the Maschine tribe.

  Have a look at this film put out as part of a remix competition. I can't explain everything which is going on. Suffice to say that the song that the film begins with is loaded using Maschine as a sampler. And then Maschine is used to trigger the sounds as a hybrid drum machine/keyboard. You can turn any series of sounds into a musical instrument, trigger any part in any order, mapping it across the musical scale and applying effects. You can fuse voices with synthesisers, turn solo voices into choirs.  All without touching a mouse and computer keyboard.


My interest is in the tools of my trade – talking to people in depth interviews and focus groups. Its partly because I've never heard of anyone else doing it And partly because it kicks over several fences. It raises issues about respondent permission. But it also raises issues about brands – using quotations about them in the public arena without their permission. Positive and negative comments alike. And the whole issue of copyright – is this freedom of speech or theft? Does the inclusion of public figures and brands mean the lawyers will get involved. Let me give an example. Supposing I do a mash up of a focus group talking about London travel during the Olympics and mix it with politicians and Olympic comittee soundbites – is it art, ambient publicity or hacking?  Does the Olympic committe own the spoken word Olympics? Or just the logo.

I'm ahead of myself – I have hundreds of hours of content. I just need to develop the skills on Maschine to composit something together and then to be able to throw it together on the fly as in the film here.  I shall keep you posted.




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