alter ego – will the other John Griffiths’ stand up?

A bit of Friday frivolity.. a basic difference between Facebook and Google is that on Facebook there’s only one of you. But on Google engine you have to rub shoulders with lots of other people with the same name and to try to muscle your way to the top of the pack.

Sometimes it works for you – here’s a clip of no less than f no less that the Queen guitarist Brian May saying what a great guy John Griffiths is. Alas its the Welsh environment minister who decided to oppose a national badger cull – Brian thinks he’s a great guy.

Download Brian May bigs up John Griffiths

Sometimes it doesn’t – I was invited to attend the Le Mans classic this weekend flying by private jet. Only to discover that I had been mistaken for John Griffiths former motoring correspondent of the financial times. So alas I shall have to find another way to escape a month’s rainfall falling this weekend.

I leave you with my obituary - or rather that of John Griffiths former lecturer at Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths, St Martins who was rather good at illustration (as I am not) and effective at teaching.  So here’s a bit of artwork produced by .. the late John Griffiths



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