The Research Mafia are having a speakeasy June 14th

Yup the research industry is growing its counterculture faster than the rest of marketing. And next Thursday in Leeds they are holding a day conference called Redefining Research. You can find out more about it here. Funnily enough yours truly will also be present – I am set to join a panel of youth versus age and experience. Go figure which side I'm on.. But there will also be several of my favourite speakers – Tom Ewing, Ray Poynter, Phil Rance. And plenty more besides. They still have room so why don't you come on down. Otherwise you'll have to put up with my tweets at a distance. This is the last outing of the Research Mafia under their current name. Apparently someone has copyrighted the mafia name which they aren't allowed to use anymore.  So top tip for you – why don't you go off and buy the trademark to the Krays or Jack the Ripper? You too could annoy a lot of people for no very good reason.. (unbeflippinglievable but true).

I'm delighted to be considered a fringe member of Italy's favourite crime fraternity for next week for one day only. Why don't you join the fringe too? Here's where to book.



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