Spat about emotion – the St Valentines day massacre

I'll just put down the bare bones of this spat from Valentines Day when Brainjuicer's Will Goodhand raided Millward Brown to present a cheeky valentine of congratulations for Millward Brown deciding at long last that emotion rather than rationality was central to the measurement of communications.  Which was received by a Mr Trustlove – something Will made a meal of. You can see the video here.

 and here's the card.

Worth a chuckle then. What turns it into a belly laugh is Nigel Hollis of Millward Browns riposte on his blog and the comments below. Nigel claims that MB have known about emotion for years.  His reply is a little po faced – this isn't about reality but about perceptions and I am afraid that is what Millward Brown need to address. In the process of answering the critics Nigel manages to tick off a longstanding client who was just trying to join the debate and play the whole thing down. A clever prank to start a debate and to make Brainjuicer look like the creative guys.  Worth a look. And worth thinking about how to respond if your company gets pranked. A dignified silence is best..probably



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