St Cuthberts vacancy – and child protection




My local church is without a vicar. The ad just appeared in the Church Times this week. To help it on its way I knocked together a film from the family carol service last December which is aimed specifically at potential applicants. Which is placed on the parish website where interested parties can find it.  But I had some negotiating to do to place it where the applicants could find it. The issue is because of the appearance of children since the carol service had featured a nativity play from scratch so to speak. I was told in no uncertain terms by primary school teachers that I needed the written permission of the parents of every child in the film, an impossible task since 90% of the congregationat that service turn up once a year and this is the only time we see them!

Download Christmas_duck_outs_press-release_07122010

Having checked with the diocesan child safety officer who forwarded me a useful document which I attach in case this area is of interest and concern for you. What I think is interesting is that the health and safety culture  has extended the quite appropriate need for schools to be vigilant to protect the children for whom they are responsible. To every part of the culture where filming children is seen as close to a criminal offense. It is refreshing to be reminded that church services are public and as such it is perfectly acceptable to film in public places. There are specific instances where people in witness protection programme and wards of court can for their own protection must not be filmed. But our public places which of course are much scrutinized using CCTV don’t need special powers to do so. Anyone can film. And since I was filming openly and nobody asked to be left out of the film – it is fine to use it since the purpose of the film is clearly not about filming or focusing on children.

And if you know anyone interested in applying for the job. Well this post should give you sufficient details to find out more!



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