Is social media bad for us and how we do research? the ICG debate


Burns night tonight and the ICG (independent consulting group) are laying on a debate to go with the haggis and neaps and tatties. Here's the motion to be debated: 'This house believes that our adoption and elevation of social media and digital technologies is undermining human skills and values'

Roy Langmaid and Sheila Keegan are speaking in favour of the motion

Paul Hutching supported by myself will be opposing it.


I'm very much looking forward to what I hope will be more than a display of luddites versus technophiliacs. Roy Langmaid was a tutor on the first research training course I ever went on back in the 1980s so its a great opportunity to debate with the old guard on what is best and worst about research today. Here's the link on the website. I shall be sure to let you know what happens.








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