Are you wired?

Steve-Jobs1Every year I set up an Are you wired quiz for the MBA students I teach as a bit of light relief but also because the answers are illuminating – if you get an answer wrong you it flushes out a wrong assumption. Anyway the Marketing Society were keen to run the quiz on their blog.  And they got around to posting it last week as I discovered today. So here are the questions.Have a go!

And here are the answers.  This weekend I head to California, Berkeley and Silicon Valley to finish the course and to finish the course with them face to face.  I have been teach them since June. And I'm looking forward to meeting them in the flesh for the first time.

There's lots of goodies on the Marketing Society blog by the way so have a wander round when you have done the quiz.

The students by the way are on the digital Master programme run by the IE business school which I was pleased to discover here is rated one of the top if not the top online in the world. I've been teaching online research for them for 4 years now.




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