3 related Sunday thoughts – sharing needles with God

1. I once asked a prominent local theologian if God had learned anything from the crucifixion – he said according to dogmatic theology God can't learn anything. I have a problem with this. Whatever happened on the cross – experiencing evil first hand, God the Son being separated from God the Father, facing and experiencing mortality, facing bereavement the death of Christ must represent some kind of loss of divine innocence – unless of course God was never innocent in the first place. Otherwise the incarnation was a publicity stunt -  God playing at being human.

2. A brief exchange with my former chaplain John Pridmore who has just been with Jerome 'Godly Play' Berryman in the US. Who asked me Is God a playgroup? And it occured to me that if the Trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit are complete in themselves why would they bother to create anything? Why wouldn't they play eternally – why are we children also invited? Isn't the desire to become a parent a kind of incompleteness?

3. I've just finished reading Barefoot Disciple, Stephen Cherry's thoughtprovoking study of humility. In one chapter he talks about humanness, embodiment and mutuality. "Ministry always involves mutuality – it never involves merely meeting the needs of others. It is 2 way traffic." You cannot relate to other beings without being touched yourself. That is what relationship and communication is. God has been sharing needles with us for too long. Is it possible that after creation, and the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ that the Godhead is still immune, untouched by us? I for one can't believe it.





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