Fast work.. research in a hurry

Finished a project today which was an overnight job – the creative ideas were developed during the day. I was briefed on them late afternoon, ran 2 focus groups in the evening to check the ideas then turned up at 9.30 this morning to debrief the results. Which were then reworked and developed further throughout the second day.

Indecent haste which is scary but fun – you get an adrenaline rush because it really is happening quite fast and the risks can be high – supposing a group doesn't work or the creative all gets trashed – there's very little room for manoevre.

This accelerated way of working is a necessity in new business pitches where time is limited. But usually creatives and researchers scream that they need much more time because it takes time for their ideas to develop and to settle for the first, and for analysis and reflection for the second. That's the creative process for you.  So it was refreshing to be working at such a lick.

In the event I wrote the debrief deck on the train on the way to the 9.30 – no time to do otherwise. However fast you have to work I am a great believer in committing to writing – chats seldom make ideas clear – writing is the best way to make sure your thinking is clear and to give you a fighting chance of remembering it. I have only ever debriefed once without charts and it was horrifying. A week later I couldn't remember a thing about what I had done and nor could anyone else.I still had the audio recordings but it would have been like starting again from scratch.







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