Charlie wants you to pull his leg – guest blog

Charlie Do you have a research anecdote no-one will believe? Have you ever sat through a focus group and thought ‘wait until I tell the guys at the office this one’? Maybe that elderly respondent’s story about streaking through Croydon just seemed a little tall.

Our industry relies on being able to spot when people are being genuine, and when they might be pulling our leg. We need you to join our game of Would I Lie to You? at this year’s ESOMAR Fringe Factory event in Amsterdam and help us prove that researchers have a keen eye for BS (and that we’re not all clipboards and pie charts too). Even if you can’t make it, we’d love to hear your interesting stories – they might even make it into our lies!

Email a short summary of your real-life research stories to either Tom or Charlie and if it’s a good one, we’ll be in touch! The event takes place on Monday 19th September, so get in touch ASAP..



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