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Like Dave Cameron I am adjusting to what has been going on in London since I left town. In my case I have been supping cream teas and enjoying a weekend in sunny summer Devon – clearly a bourgeois pursuit. In my absence London has turned into a war zone. This morning I trained in past the billowing smoke from the Sony warehouse in Enfield, past Ponders End which a fellow commuters newspaper reliable told me was another riot location. And on to work where my route from Camden tube station took me past 3 trashed phone shops – clearly the proletariat are seizing the 21st century means of production – that'll be a new mobile phone then. It is hard to take the hand-wringing of the left wing press seriously. What oppression? Denied the chance of an upgrade to an iphone? I find myself snorting when a 'commentator' comes on and utters the magic words: discourse and narrative. Interesting the herd assumption that one brick through a window is an isolated act of vandalism. But if there are lots of bricks and gangs of youths then its a popular movement which demands dialogue and consultation. I gather that shops owned by Turks were left alone. Possibly the presence of gangs of Turks carrying baseball bats had something to do with it.

The simple dialectic of disenfranchised youths on the one hand and overly heavy (or overly absent) police on the other is likely to be replaced by the citizens of London arming to defend their property. Why should this be a problem left to the police? If a masked teenager wants to set fire to a car then let them take on the rest of the street. Then let's have a dialogue about oppression.

The pictures here show our office building just above the 3 store which was wrecked last night. And also the O2 shop next to Camden station. Or what is left of it. With a police car in attendance. I draw your attention to the BT callbox which has been derelict ever since I started working in Camden at the beginning of May. If the environment looks run down then why should anyone look after it? Come on BT get your act together. If you can't look after your phone boxes then you shouldn't be allowed to have any.  





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