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Weirdstone50 At Alderley Edge at the weekend. The missus and I had spent an evening on the edge a quarter century ago so we retraced our steps. I had not realised that the Alan Garner books Weirdstone of Brisingamen and the Moon of Gomrath had been set there. So spent quite a lot of time at the weekend fruitlessly trying to get hold of them.  Perhaps its a sign of how far the publishing industry is lagging behind the technology but you would think that wherever there is a strong local connection that the publisher would redouble their efforts to stock the books locally. Nope. This time last year I experienced exactly the same difficulty looking for Moonfleet while I was staying in Moonfleet.

Its daft really. If you are a casual visitor you probably don't want to buy a guidebook. But you are looking for souvenirs – and books and other content – albums  and films – these are perfect as another layer of experience which can be shared with others as a kind of memento or a gift for someone who wasn't there with you. I even tried to download the books from the applestore and kindle but it was no go. As a minimum I think where a work is set and where the author was when they wrote it should be added to the online data about that book. I think it ought to sell a lot of books to tourists -and it is also a source of inspiration for gifts not to mention encouraging tourism as you decide to visit the setting of a favourite novel for yourself.



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