Revenge is a bottle best served chilled.. Invivo Sauvignon Blanc

My son Andrew is back.. after 8 months in New Zealand. He did a classic wind-up last Friday by producing a bottle of the award winning Sauvignon Blanc Invivo during a Skype call from Auckland and drinking it in front of me with a friend on the grounds that he couldn't possibly bring it back to the UK safely so might as well polish it off to save a great wine going to waste.

Nothing daunted I called the Invivo's UK distributor Grupo Cordoniu. Having established it was so rare as to be almost unfindable I discovered that I could order it online from averys or yourfavouritewine but would take days to arrive. Harvey Nicholls had 1 variety. But Eagle Wines an indy store on Lavender Hill was the only place in London I could guarantee to lay my hands on it. According I took the train to Clapham Junction on Friday evening to secure my stash.IMAG0107

I needn't have worried. He produced a bottle of Invivo triumphantly from his backpack  carefully bubble wrappedafter we drove him home from Heathrow yesterday evening. So I was able to produce my bottle (chilled) with a flourish. A fantastic way to celebrate his homecoming. It has a huge taste for a white – lots of gooseberry. I can only assume that this wine's rarity is a combination of how new it is to the UK – to there not being a lot of it made yet and being very popular with those in the know.

So we're down to our last 2 bottles… it seemed a waste to go all that way to Clapham from Camden and not pick up a couple..   




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