Biophilia Bjork makes tracks for Apps

Bjork's residency in Manchester finishes this Saturday. I'm afraid I'm going to miss it – I must be too old to pick up on the publicity until its too late. Or I'm too rare a visitor to planet Bjork. What caught my attention was the promise that she is launching her new album Biophilia in September (yawn) with 11 tracks each of which will be available and purchasable as an app on Ipads and iphones. Now you've got my attention.

How much is a piece of music worth these days? Not a lot I am afraid. Which is why artists cluster around festivals and the festivals charge eyewatering amounts to get in. Merchandising helps of course. But the music? You might as well give it away. Which until recently was exactly what spotify was doing.

So Bjork has come up with the idea of making an app. Soemthing interactive. Which the user masters and expresses themselves with. I don't expect these apps to be selling on Amazon for 50p each as a download. But for more than 3 times as much. If Bjork gets away with it she will triple the value of her album and redfuce the effects of piracy. As a musician she has recognised that the musician's power is to create experiences. Not to produce sonic wallpaper for the DIY retail shed soundtrack.  That's where the value is.Of course you will still be able to buy the album. And people will continue to steal it.  I shall be lining up to download them. I wish her every success with it.





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