keeping up to speed sloooowly

I've been involved in analysing a research project of an FMCG brand which is firmly stuck in the 1950s but would rather get out of their prim earnest rut. And since then have been reflecting on what I drew on to make sense of their predicament. For sure it wasn't the latest offerings in the marketing press. There was a documentary about advertising which ran once in the 1980s and never again (though I still have the entire series on videotape). There was some basic semiotics and packaging I have picked up on the way.  Quite a lot from reading and working on category management projects.

I have a large store of resources to draw on – steadily collected over decades. Which sits in my head and comes out on these occasions. The fast food of weekly marketing chatter dissipates so quickly that a lifetime of reading the marketing press would yield very little. Your repository of experience and expertise needs managing. It doesn't just form by itself. Beware of junk food which is topical but leaves you empty within minutes of consumption. Books I have found are useful because they have been toiled over and the ideas ordered in such a way that makes the overall argument easier to retain – and more resusable. If you don't read or watch anything then I suppose you will be operating out of the present. I wish you well. I woudn't do that. Keep up to speed with slow not fast brain food.  




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