Well the photos are up now so I have been reliving the IncrediblEurope conference which ran 2 weeks ago in Vienna to promote creativity and entrepreneurial risk taking in Europe.  Hard to focus on particular highlights – what I took away from the event was the diversity – people who had unconventional ambitions but pursued them and continue to do so building unlikely businesses and bringing about change.  We had an architecture theme which included the most extraordinary concrete buildings manufactured in Austria but constructed all over the world by Wolfgang Rieder. And Danish Architect Kai- Uwe Bergman of BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group showed some extraordinary buildings which were environmentally responsible and reinvented what community building might involve.

My own workshop seemed to fly past. The goal was to take the inputs from the conference and to get delegates to share their highlights and to use these to create group content that could turn into activities to be run subsequent to the conference. This is the work that comes out of my waggledancers project – the art of forming small groups. The point being that once you understand the principles of starting and growing small groups it is very easy to create change and social movements. And if the ideas behind IncrediblEurope are shared with a wider audience then growth will be much more rapid.

I enjoyed Karola Rieglers photos of the event – she really captured the concentration on the faces of the delegates during the workshop – very gratifying for a facilitator like me. So congratulations to Selma and the rest of the Brainswork team for another outstanding event.  There are some truly illustrious individuals who attend. But there are also lots and lots of students full of enthusiasm – and hopefully inspired by the mayhem to do something different themselves.




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