Competing to win – Mission Action Planning

Reading Dave Trott's post in the Marketing Society blog today – reading a copywriter is always a pleasure – entertaining writing fused with crystal clear thinking. Using the example of the hapless Italian bomber raids over British soil in 1940. He draws the bleak conclusion that marketing is for winners only. Quoting Adam Morgan – its like a knife fight in a telephone box.

I've been reflecting on this as I have been reading Mission Action Planning - a similarly ruthless approach to getting churches to start acting with resolve and to stop being obsure religious clubs. Strategy is about sacrifice. Using limited resources to awesome effect. Not bumbling around having a go at a bit of everything but cutting out all that is secondary to focus on visions and goals. The authors are clearly worried about the legitimacy of the application of business thinking to church growth. They needn't be. Not while the Bible is full of talk about soldiering, setting goals, counting the cost. Bumbling is not a spiritual virtue. Never has been. Never will.




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