Social Media 80 for 20 guide

Terrific webinar from Ray Poynter on how to get 80% of the benefits of Social media for 20% of the effort.  Ray is the unstoppable force behind newMR – the online market research iniative. Here he turns his attention neither to researchers nor the practice of research but how to use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google in the minimum amount of time and without WASTING TIME. Utterly briliant. You will be relieved to hear that I am clearly not among the most efficient. Part of his advice is that you don't blog but that you choose 5 blogs to read regularly to keep you up to speed with your area of specialisation. I don't agree with all of it (why should I?) but I acknowledge the brilliance of simplifying something as complex and evolving as social media. Plus the generosity for making it available absolutely free- thank you Ray. It is also the start of a project which you can sign up to. So the page link should assist you in doing both.



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