Flip to shut down

It seemed appropriate for me to use a Flip to talk about the demise of Flip – astounding to see a market leader take itself off the market.  My friend Adrian Langford planner on Kodak was on the line this morning reflecting on how Kodak camcorders will move by default into the no 2 slot in this growing sector which was causing such havoc among mainstream camcorders.

I've researched this camcorder category extensively in the UK and elsewhere – so I know how compact camcorders are used and how they find a place alongside mobile phones which also have video camcorder. I know they are hugely important in schools where it isn't appropriate to use personal phones to video school activities. Compact camcorders have 3 components – capturing, easy uploading using the built in usb connector, and online sharing using built in software for links to google, facebook  and youtube. I thought that Cisco would use Flip not to sell boxes but to build an online storage business for video. Clearly they are just a box pusher. Huge missed opportunity.

Here's a couple of links to the news feeds: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/04/flip-camera-rip/#more-63537



So if you want one better hurry up here! Though they are cheapest on Amazon.




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