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Couple of items here. I discovered that there's an initiative as part of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible to get people to read a chapter apiece on Youtube. Here's what has been uploaded so far. Plenty of great and good as well as wilder and wackier – Richard Dawkins reading Song of Songs 2 – Hmm OK. And Rev Ian Paisley rolling those Hulster vowels to read about the Whore of Babylon in Revelation 17.  But apparently they are taking submissions from all and sundry so do you fancy picking up a KJV and a camcorder and having a go?


The other item is Grayling's secular Bible – a useful exercise in that it demonstrates what a secularist thinks a sacred text is and is presumably using this to knock a better version out. The original version was written by goatherd's apparently and Grayling it is time he set the world straight. I enjoyed Maggi Dawn's deconstruction of the secular Bible by explaining how a sacred text gets made and what its good for.  Well done Maggi.  Apparently there's more than meets the eye. Sorry Professor I'm not offended. Just mystified.



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