Quote of the day about research

by Albert Einstein: "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research."  A lovely provocation. In market research we go to a lot of effort to construct and justify a methodology. But of course a method is not predictive of success. And more than we like to admit the methodology isn't as stable as we would like. To do a proper job we should use mixed methodology. And I would argue that we ought to create/improvise at least some of the methodology if only to remind ourselves how tentative it is.  I was listening to a professor of physics last week pointing out that there is no guarantee that our brains are capable of grasping the truth about the way the universe works. So far so good (we think). But we might be wrong. And we might run out of the capacity to understand.

Which is why research is such an exciting area to be involved in. There's no excuse for being bored or boring. So don't be.

And look!  Albert is drawing my logo… he must be another waggledancer



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