IAA next level marketing course

I can't believe quite how many times I have taught this 2 day course now. I was up at 7 to review the course – feeling very tired – I still feel the effects of the lost night of sleep when I flew on Monday night.  The garbage exercise is always a highlight-  I get students to guess the demographics of 2 households based on the contents of the garbage – a useful exercise to show how much consumption tells you about people. But also that you don't need a research budget to find out more about your customers..

The evening was a riot – Romanita Oprea and her friends took me off to a gig by the National Theatre by a punk band called in Romanian Those guys. Their schtick is to take traditional Romanian songs or at least songs which have some national resonance- and punk them up much to the delight of the teenagers and the outrage of their elders.  I didn't know the songs of course, enjoyed the energy of the songs. But it wasn't until the last song when I felt the band had gone to another level. I didn't manage to film the beginning of Hurt  but watching the band belting it out and putting everything into it the hairs rose on the back of my neck. It was good to see a bunch of Romanians  band stop putting themselves down and to music to turn all that negative energy outwards. I felt it was a kind of corner turning I couldn't have imagined a few years ago. A new found confidence.

That took us to 1am. Then we headed for a night club and the dancing started. I made my excuses at 4 and managed to get to bed at 5. Silly boy. Lovely night. 3 hours of sleep. And whole days more teaching to go.  



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