IAA marketing – day 2

Not a a lot to report but kinda weary – the students were great – they had finished an assignment writing a marketing plan the night before all about Innocent Smoothies and a Romania launch. My course was designed to stir things up and challenge the rules. Conclusion at the end of the day was that they would have liked the course to run for 3 days instead of 2. I crammed too much in the time I had been given. I set them an assigment – tell me how this course will change the way you work. Last time I set the question I got lots of fascinating answers. I hadn't realised that one of the students was a judge who went to her boss and presented a proposal for how to use marketing thinking to change the whole way the judiciary was perceived. I look forward to what this year's students send me.

Not a lot of high jinks tonight. I tucked myself up with the movie Heroes then caught up on sleep. A 6 am start on the Sunday morning to catch the early flight back to Luton.

This is I think the 12th or 13th time I have visited Romania. The Bucovina trip was a blast – really stretched me not just physically but showed me a depth to the country I hadn't seen before.




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