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My local diocese of St Albans has been experimenting with using social media channels to get people reflecting on a series of Biblical texts. The programme is called Living God's Love – you can print all of them out and carry them around with you. You can download lent group material, you can arrange for them to mailed or texted to you daily.   As I did last year I have logged onto the blog where it is possible to add comments pictures and film material. And there's a calendar so you can catch up on what you have missed.

I am trying to post something every day. Its quite limited. We can't really talk to each other so it a bit like posting on a noticeboard which nobody answers. I wish we were posting in an environment like Facebook which at least would make what was posted more visible and probably less pious as a result. Sometimes it feels rather like a holy huddle posting to each other oblivious to the rest of the world who may find what it being said incomprehensible. Or not very relevant – nothing like the white heat of being in the public eye where a critic can go I'm really not getting this.

March9th In a spirit of openness I am sharing below what I posted on the first day. If you sign up you can go and look at what else is there – it won't cost you anything. But your time and attention.

On Food Lent and never giving up

I’m sitting on the train listening to 2 girls discussing what to give up. so far bread, dough balls, crisps, chocolate and nuts are on the bargaining table. So far neither has mentioned Lent ( though the timing is interesting). Calories have been mentioned in passing. This is a conversation about transformation. The challenge is how to make transformation that lasts. The lawyer is looking for a simple answer.  While the list of food grows ( isn’t it fun to talk about something as a substitute for the real thing?) I am reminded that Jesus said he was food. Which he never asks us to give up.




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