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Sorry bit of a hiatus at the moment – lots of things going on at the moment some of which I can talk about a lot of which I can't. All clear soon. In the mean time a big thank you to Han Zantingh of Brainjuicer China, Kate Tribe of Tribe Research in Australia, Jaroslav Cir of Perfect Crowd in Prague and Hanne Kristiansen of Creative Creatures in New York who were our crowdsourcing mentors when Joanna Chrzanowska and I ran the workshop at the research conference. In 60 minutes we had our experts each on a different continent doing one on ones with the workshop participants as they shaped their crowd sourcing research concepts.

The judges must have liked it because we have been shortlisted for Best Workshop – a great honour since there was lots of redoutable competition. We get to put this sticker up – till December when we find out who has actually won.  It was the first time Electric Learning the training company I run with Joanna Chrzanowska had been out on show. We renamed it this year from Mike Imms & Partners. Our goal is to run more immersive learning – more unmissable event than training course.



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