Insatiable Moon opens in UK March 4th

I've noticed blog mentions up in the last fortnight – its nearly here. This film shot on a shoestring in Ponsonby New Zealand just over a year ago in the location where the original events happened is the story about a hostel whose occupants have a range of mental and emotional problems. And what happens to the schizophrenic who believes he is the second Son of God. Played by Rawiri Paratene who was a big factor in Whale Rider's success.  On my NZ trip I missed having a coffee with Mike Riddell the author of the original book and writer of the screenplay – I was hoping for a quick interview with him I could share on this blog. But it wasn't to be. I've seen the film at a preview at Greenbelt arts festival last August, then on the plane out to NZ. It ticked every box in the key: strong language, sex, violence, drugs and NZ content! From Friday March 4th you can see it too. It topped the film charts in New Zealand. I wonder how it will fare here against the usual onslaught of Hollywood potboilers. I can tell you its an unusual story and beautifully filmed. You can order tickets here.



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