Office party – Davidson Peirce

Thanks to Chloe Fowler for this marvellous link to a piece of documentary history. Media types have always been fascinated by advertising agencies – what do we actually do all day?  Whenever this has got to the TV screen the result has normally been very dull – presentation rooms with young things writing inanities on flip charts and talking about how exciting and amazing the campaign is going to be. What makes the advertising world so interesting is that it attracts the most bizarre collection of clever, funny, driven people you could ever imagine working with. Some are egotistical and horrible but an lot aren't. And most of the egomaniacs later turn out to be nice people who thought that was expected of them at the time. The office party is a perfect vehicle for watching interesting people. Which is one of the most useful things the advertising industry has given to the world. Apart from the advertising itself of course.




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