new year new mobile provider – a Dear John letter to O2

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I walked  out today after 10 years. And I hadn't expected to.  But spending approximately £600 a year for a decade is a lot of money. And I had thought you would value the relationship more than you do. The sticking point was charging me for a new phone when I can get it free elsewhere.  You almost gave it to me. But only in return for locking me in for  24 months which you've have never tried to do before. And even though I haven't asked for a new phone for 2 years I rather resented your lack of trust.

You will probably accuse me of selling out to a cheaper offer. And that you never mistook my inertia for loyalty. But inertia has to be worth something. – it has been worth a lot to you. And yes there is a whole slew of loyalty activity I am walking away from. I've never taken up the cheap tickets to the O2. I never took up any of your 12 days of Christmas freebie offers but I was in New Zealand at the time – it was quite annoying getting a text at 11pm every night to announce another freebie that I coudln't have take advantage of. And you knew that I was out of the country right? Because you texted me to tell me you wouldn't charge me more than £40 for data roaming. And I had called you to ask if the SIM on the ipad would work in NZ and you said that it wouldn't. At all. So when I arrived I got one from Vodaphone. And spent £25 on data – and the ipad proved to be a priceless accessory while travelling.  Guess who my new squeeze is?

But the wear and tear in the relationship had been getting to me. I have a function on my iphone which stops me incurring charges for data roaming. So I was a bit put out when you texted me to tell me I had run up £3 of data roaming charges in the Czech republic at the start of December which the data roaming function on the phone couldn't prevent. What can I do to stop it happening again? You were out of answers. 

And it may be that I overreacted when I discovered that you had been charging me for insurance for the last 2 years which didn't insure anything. You had informed me at the time that it would cost £15 a month to insure my iphone. Which was ridiculous. So I did some asking around and found that my mobile was covered on my home insurance so I told you I didn't need your insurance any more. But you carried taking £2 out of my bank account anyway. That sort of sloppiness isn't good for trust is it? Still I look forward to that £50 being rolled back into my bank account. It will help ease the set up charges with Vodaphone. 

Loyalty is funny word isn't it? I was actually prepared to be loyal to you. And I regularly work in what is intriguingly called the loyalty industry. But its hard to legislate for relationships. I have heard a rumour for years that anyone who sticks with a service brand is a muppet and that most of the profits come from loyal customers who pay more than the going rate. So I thought you would have worked harder to make sure that I was given no grounds for thinking that this dangerous halftruth might actually be true. Never mind – its all water under the bridge.  At least you'll be getting £10 a month data charge off me for 3G access to the ipad. Which I can switch off whenever I like. But that probably had no connection with your unwillingness to give me a £60 phone.



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