Musical Enquiry: How musical are you?

Back from New Zealand (you can pick up on the family travel blog here if you're interested) I expect to kick this blog once again, though I intend to pick up on some of my NZ discoveries and perspectives in the next few weeks.

First off I thought I would mention the musicality survey which is being run off the BBC Radio 3 site to find out how musical you really are (even if you never too piano lessons) Worth a go because you may be surprised by the results. As a researcher it is a delight because a) the topic is unusual for a survey b) they share the answers so the respondent learns something out from it and is more likely to share the survey with others c) the answers are a kind of personality measure that makes you reflect on what being musical means and why it might be cool d) the overall results should provide a very interesting if skewed perspective on how musical people are. A splendid example of what I have come to call Zero Gravity research. Research which isn't exhausted for the participant as soon as you have managed to finish it. Try it out why don't you? My highest scores were for musical curiosity and social creativity. For which I got full marks. I'm still wondering what that means. The team from Goldsmiths college provide some background reading.





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