Korg MS 20 – on ipad – special offer (ends tomorrow)

Today has been a lovely day but one of the main things I remember it for was flicking open a computer music magazine while waiting for the kettle to boil this morning and discovering that the Korg MS 20 has been committed to the ipad format.  its 6 sysnths in one with a sequencer and a couple of kaos style pads. And you can stretch virtual cables to hack it just like the original. Check the original on ebay and you’ll find this antique selling for over £1500.  But I discovered that until Jan 31st (that’s tomorrow) its downloadable as an app for a tenner.  No hesitation.30 seconds later I had the synth working on the ipad.  The trouble with knowledge products isn’t their price. Its the time and effort it takes to learn them. By firing up youtube I discovered videos of instruction for using the original MS20, the manual is of course downloadable. What I mistrust is my having the time to persist with mastering any of the extraordinary instruments many of which are becoming available for less than the price of a paperback. Enjoy this loop demo. I really hope I find a way to persist with this.  



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