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Android2 Well I finally got around to it. And now I am going through the process of adjustment. It is taking a while since the Android software isn't particularly intuitive so I am having to learn to use a mobile all over again.  The incredultiy of my marketing brethren has been interesting. Why would I trade down the food chain from an iphone to an Android phone?  Well here's why.

Contact centricity. Nokias are mobile centric. Which is why I left Nokia a long time ago. Iphones are app centric. And brilliantly intuitive. I love my Iphone and I miss it already. Often I carry still both. But the Android is attempting to be contact centric.  I can aggregate the emails, phone numbers, facebook and twitter references by contact. And this has forced me to start to separate out the mess of emails which until now was flowing into a single email display – reduce the amount of promo/spam and to start to look at my contacts individually. Note that the iphone doesn't let me do that. Do I want a contact? no problem. Do I want to open my emails? yup Facebook? yup. And so on. But it can't tell me whether Fred Bloggs has tried to text me and what else he has been up to.

The next reason is that Android is an open operating system enabling you to stitch together your user experience and to individualise it. It doesn't force you into a particular mould. Apple does.  I can play with location, social media channels and google apps and mix them all together.I have to work out how to do things but I am allowed to do so. Iphone won't.

The last reason why I have turned to Android is that it is the fastest growing mobile OS worldwide. Contrary to what your average creative director believes not everybody has an iphone and it isn't a matter of time before the rest of the world gets one. Apple will continue to be a premium brand and their success has resulted in a raising of prices. It is those mobile brands which have brought out Android models which are leading the charge to deliver mobile data to the rest of the planet. Android's share of the US market after a couple of years is 23% when iphone and Blackberry are 1 and 2 having been on the market for a much longer time.  Android as an OS is much more likely to become a global mass market brand with apps to match.  I happen to believe its important to use the same products that your customers do. So for the next 18 months at any rate I shall explore planet Android. 

For starters I can upload HD videos and photos with 1 touch. I couldn't do that with iphone. So that will help the video blogging. I'm more interested in the data applications. The htc Desire is a thirsty beast but I seem to have got down to 1 charge a day.   I'll let you know what happens.





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