Hands on session tonight – itunes ipods and mp3s – How to session

Shuffle To tip off those of you tonight who might be within reach of St Cuthberts church hall Hoddesdon. This evening along with Stephen Brent I'll be running a 75 minute session to introduce the basics of the itunes music programme and how to use it with ipods and other mp3 players (including mobile phones not necessarily made by Apple). This is the first mini season of Hands On this year – a chance to get to know new people and to learn something practical you always wanted to learn but never found anyone to teach you.  In February and March we will have sessions on Ebay and tasting specialist teas and coffees to come and finish the seaon with a Hands on Good Friday meditation where you get to make things as a way of reflecting and praying.  St Cuthberts, Witley Road Hoddesdon 7.30 where we'll start with a cup of tea.



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