NZ here we come

Getting tooled up for the big winterval holiday trip to the sun. And for Andrew to occupy himself fruitpicking in Otago once we're done with holidaying.  Which means thinking about mobiles and devices to access the internet. So a netbook has arrived – I've been very impressed with how much can be crammed into how little.  Its a very neat communications device – I expect to re-appropriate it once he returns later in the year.

And I've finally taken the plunge and bought a digital SLR – I've been waiting years to do it – and now it seems that digital SLRS are becoming the trendy way to shoot commercials its terrific to have a camera that can shoot HD video as well as take the most beautiful photos. I've gone for a Pentax K5 – they're light cameras to hold and because we already had a Pentax SLR it means we have a back catalogue of lenses to try with it.

The final piece in the puzzle is to get hold of a sim so we can run the iPad while we're out there to upload photos to blogs and to store our photos on as we go.  

I think that's enough tech talk for now!



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