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NewMR is happening today #newmr Brainchild of Ray Pointer of the Future Place – this virtual research festival circles the globe. There are 3 sessions covering Asia Pacific, Europe and finishing with the Americas. I'll be with the Americas because I was asleep for the first bit and working for the 2nd so will come in on the last session between 5 and 11 UK time. The Research Liberation Front have put on a showing on the fringe with a contest for young researchers to find the most hard to recruit respondents. Its lovely the way the research industry has embraced playfulness – we have always been great thinkers and debaters but this sort of event is perfect for taking ourselves a little less seriously and gathering together without spending vast sums of money on airless venues. Internet MR is also a breakthrough because it makes the debate accessible to everyone  – the young researchers who don't always get permission to come to conferences. Good work Ray. I'll bring a report later.

You can follow the tweets now with the #newMR hashtag



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