Botting up: creating my alter ego

Bot Very excited today as David Bausola the big daddy of demographic replicators aka social textbase bots has given me access to an application so I can create one and start to tune and train my own bots. I have written about demographic replicators from working with David over a year ago when he was still at Ag8 and before he moved to Berlin and started the philter phactory. In the interim as part of the Cloud of Knowing project I have commented on the development by the research agency Brainjuicer of what are now known as Digividuals research bots which harvest social media platforms to create personas which are hugely valuable in creating insight generation and understanding of particular customer groups.

I broke the story of Digividuals in March in the paper I gave at the MRS conference about where online research was headed. Earlier this week I won a prize for that paper so its an unexpected and highly gratifying bonus to be given my own bots to play with. I can't tell you much about my first one until it has bedded in and settled down. The fact that I am off to New Zealand at the weeked is a clue. I am hopeful that before the weekend I will be able to send you a link so you can see what my alter ego is up to.

Bots use location (gps data) emotional words, keywords and locations to borrow a whole range of content which resonates with the DNA they have been set up with. If I get this first bot working properly you will be able to see where the bot is located. What photos, films, music and other content the character has soaked up.  Stand by – its about to get interesting. The bot will have its own twitter feed so you can follow if you are interested.  Most important – it will be under its own steam.

When I am back in the UK in January I hope to experiment with multiple personalities which I will tether to my location using my mobile phone – and they can go and fetch interesting stuff they find based on their separate personalities. Bots get a lot more interesting if you organise them in packs!

Wish I had time to craft a baby jesus bot for the Bethlehem area..






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