One Giant Leap – multiplatformism and DNA

I love the One Giant Leap project  – its latest emanation How about me? I was intrigued to find they had set up a minisite on Vavou – an online platform I have also done some startup work for. But One Giant Leap also has a Facebook page. And a Myspace page. And a youtube channel. As well as its own destination sites.

Will the original stand up and identify itself please? Of course it won’t. The centre is the team themselves not a host site. Each of these platforms is what old channels used to do. Distribute content. But now they attract audiences. There is no mother lode. This makes communications interesting because what channel should I use to engage with them? All or none. They don’t haveto be any more accessible than any other music publisher. Now there may be a single content management system driving all of this but I doubt it. If the content started to look the same then why go to al the extra trouble. So the audience who only have an occasional interest will lock on to the platform they are most comfortable with or find the quickest. And there’s enough complexity for the enthusiasts to explore this tangled skein of sites to see if they can find treasures that have been posted in one place but not to all. Complexity with a very simple base. It is taking me a while to get use to the idea that none of this activity has an online centre. You choose whatever platforms will attract an audience and you cull platforms that don’t deliver and aren’t worth updating.

Which gives me the perfect opportunity to feature their track braided hair – rather like their platform strategy 




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