Webinar for Revelation Global

Just a brief note to say that I did this at 5pm this evening and Revelation hosted the event at 9am their time from Portland Oregon. And it was a lot of fun- exciting even as the webinar crashed part way through. I was grateful that most of the 65 who listened in survived the crash and logged on again. I was presenting the Communities of Interpretation deck which has really come out of the Cloud of Knowing project. Following the twitterfeeds afterwards (#grt – great research thinking) it was very nice to see phrases like the Barracuda swarm being traded around with the hope that people might try this and other techniques for themselves. I will let you know when the webinar is put online by Revelation and made available. In the meantime you can find the slides in the Scriptorium of the Cloud of Knowing project site. And as a bonus Annelies Verhaeghe's presentation on crowdsourcing analysis also in the Scriptorium. And in the Visions page you can see her giving the presentation. Crowdsourcing is more than fieldwork. We can use crowds at every stage! Thanks to Steve August for the opportunity to share this work.



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