Ripostes to militant atheists

Dr seuss arguing I rather liked this blog post by Kim Fabricius. As a reminder that what is at the root of a lot of militant atheist aggression is a belief that religious behaviour is irrational and that believers are morons. As soon as believers accept that they don't have all the answers and reality is complex then most of the force of these attacks withers away. And its atheism which starts to look absurdly simplistic by comparison.

Have a read. Its a lot of fun. Truth IS complicated. And our ability to grasp it is affected by the arrogance (or humility) with which we hold our position. A friend of mine Richard Briggs has brought out a book last February on the  virtues we need to read the Old Testament – as a reader you cannot be value free.  Unless you become like a child. You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.



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