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Frantic weekend work to finish and grade the work of 23 students taking the digital MBA at the Instituto Empresa Business School based in Madrid. I had taught 10 units about online research starting in May – not meeting the students until September after having exchanged hundreds of emails and received lots of assignments to mark. Using the format of the bulletin board to teach is a great way to teach because as a tutor you set the questions and then shape what emerges – the students of course do most of the work. Going back through the debates to grade the emails which formed part of these extended conversations which were planet wide it felt at times as if I were the conductor of a chamber orchestra – it wasn't for me to make a sound but the result was an ensemble of ideas and inspiration from young business people working in internet businesses who could instantly draw on lots of resources and examples of best practice. I revised the course this year to give more weight to social media platforms- this is the problem when the environment is changing so fast.  But I personally found it an exhilerating and educational experience – a deep secret of training is that the trainers learn even faster than those they train!!

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