New Market Research Festival extravaganza

curated by the irrepressible Ray Poynter. I'm still trying to get my head around this one but it involves a 3 day research online event kicked off by a 24 hour webinar you can buy into 7 hours at a time. There is a contest for which papers are to be presented – settled by  public vote. At the moment your best chance is to offer to present in the Asia Pacific region where the competition isn't so hot! That's mainstage but Ray has suggested that there ought to be a lively fringe as well. This is a barkingly brilliant idea. The reason for mentioning it now when the event proper runs Dec 6th-10th  is that if you want to put in a paper then you have until lunchtime UK time Oct 7th to submit it to the public vote.  You can already go onto the site to have a look at the outlines already submitted. There will be videos, stand up rants – all sorts. I can't wait!

I know Mark Earls Herdmeister and John Keiron of Brainjuicer have speaker slots anyway. The idea of crowdsourcing research thinking is a terrific one and one which will bring together researchers across continents. Bless you Mr Poynter. 






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