IPAD -category killer

Having done my first debrief presentation using an ipad this week I was all ready to pen a quietly self congratulatory note – only to discover this piece of conspiracy theory – electronics sales are dead in their tracks and ipad is to blame. Can disposable income be so fragile? Ipad is a premium product. So it is a matter of choosing one over perhaps another consumer electronics purchase but this seems an overclaim surely? However I can see that the incredible sales growth of ipads must be having some collateral damage on the usage of other devices if not their purchase. Researching Flip camcorders earlier this year I discovered that they were killing the usage of full sized camcorders – users had forgotten that they had stopped using the pesky things with cables for recharging and downloading and all the rest of it. Just Flip it. I have caught myself shoving the ipad into the backpack as an afterthought as I leave with the laptop. The laptop never gets used, substituted neatly by the ipad which incidentally is also used to help navigate me to my destination. I'm using it for more and more tasks – it takes far too long to fire up a laptop on the Tube. And so it goes on. The ipad is muscling in on the mobile phone as well because the battery lasts far longer. Apps are a lot more pleasant to use on the ipad.  Yup this form factor is set to run and run. The question is can any other OS pull off the same trick? Or is Ipad doomed to put paid to laptops, netbooks, LCD TVs and so on and so forth?



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