Eco haircare – and what the corporates can’t tell you

I spotted this very beautifully filmed spot whose production values suggest a corporate is behind it but whose point is that you can curl your hair with cloth without needing to use a hairdryer. With sustainable marketing there is always the irony that you used the same wattage as a hairdryer just locating green films like this but carping aside this is great example of low tech can deliver what we often buy high tech for. (and there's no money in lotech which is why it takes Michelle to explain it because no haircare company is going to make suggestions of this kind! And why they have to spend substantial sums of money buying their own word of mouth – Michelle versus an infomercial about chemicals? No contest.

Of course a corporate IS behind it. GE are funding it by supporting a green cause in this case drinking water. The result is that Michelle gets the profile, a water charity raises some money, a corporate gets a namecheck and looks like one of the good guys (and I suspect donates the production values) and the content is about how to use no resources at all to look good. This forms of elaborate co-operation are becoming more and more common and they bring together an impressive blend of skills and deal making. I'm not convinced that all marketing is going to go this way but a lot is




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